False Gallery


Current Projects



[ 670 bushwick ave // brooklyn, ny ]

Works by ::

+ David Bray [ UK ]


+ Jorden Haley [ NYC ]

sculpture + design

+ Lena Marquise [ NYC ]

sculpture + installation


curated by Lena Marquise

>> by appointment only <<

contact :: info@FalseAristocracy.com

  1. Local press on the Lena Marquise [ curator ] and some photos of the showroom by Katarína Hybenová for BushwickDaily.com


    Starting Feb 2011, Ms. Marquise will be publishing a weekly column on the arts on BushwickDaily.com; the column, titled Arts + Curiosities will be updated on Wednesdays.

  2. [...] says, the location is to be at False Gallery // hausNY space and the collection looked like this: she emails me some shots of a rack with blue, [...]

  3. There couldn’t possibly be anything better than sex, money, and being famous. I should know because I have none of them.

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