R.I.P. Josh Link

Rok One always puts it best:

First off, a big shout out to my man JOSH LINK, R.I.P. (1980-2009). 29
years of excellence, generosity and graciousness. It was an absolute
honor to have known him (however briefly), and I’m sure that everyone
else who was graced by his presence feels the exact same way. We could
have used more people like him on this planet, not one less…

To say Josh will be missed is a gross understatement. I wish he could
have seen the turnout at his funeral – it rivaled that of any 90’s
Drum & Bass outlaw party. People from every age bracket and all walks
of life came out to give him a proper send-off. If a third that many
people show up to mine, I’ll rest easy.

It’s always gut-wrenchingly sad when someone is taken before their
time, but there are plenty of uplifting things to take away from this
tragedy. Josh lived his life precisely how he wanted to, and humbly
achieved success without stepping on anyone’s toes. He was loved,
respected and admired by all, and left a positive impression on the
countless lives he touched.

Keeping his legacy alive, means following his example. We need to
pursue our dreams, stay on course, never compromise our integrity,
remember where we came from, treat people how we want to be treated,
and fully appreciate those close to us.

If we party or celebrate this weekend, it’s to honor a stand up guy.
The show must go on, if for no other reason than because it’s what
Josh would have wanted. Life is short, and we only get to do this
once. So I hope to see all of you soon, whether it be at a social
gathering, over dinner, or on the street. I’m around, get at me –


_Faithful Unto This_


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