One Day, Two Reviews

January 29th, 2011
Brooklyn, NY
St. Cecilia’s Gallery //
Sequence of Waves
21 Monitor St. // 11222
REVIEW ::  A for effort! How many hippies does it take to screw in 1,000 light bulbs?? 60! very excitable local and traveling artists came together in true commune fashion to put together this very hectic show, vaguely about sound [+1MP]. They even found, removed, and re-appropriated the interior of the basement stove my friends and I had stuck a head in towards the later hours of the last opening at this lovely new Gallery // old Church [+1MP]. It now played the part of a table unto which an artist had placed his magic lantern [projector]. The three [well produced] videos [+1MP] on the Sequence of Waves [link above] depict quite accurately the aesthetic, production value and ambition of this fandangled group. Show.
English Kills Gallery // Steven Thompson // Solo-Show
114 Forrest St. // Ground Floor // 11206
REVIEW :: One step beyond Readymade, one step behind Joseph Cornell. Popular opinions boast boredom with the laziness of the neo-found-object movement. However, I would totally wear that dope off white felt poncho!
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Watch this video for a quick tour around English Kills followed by a 3min interview at Sequence of Waves with Rouvelle of Maya.Rouvelle [ art duo ]

A more detailed review of Steven’s work at English Kills.
For those of you who enjoy soft-core fantasies of how people really respond to mediocre presentations of the arts, here is a verbal illustration of the two walls, in the front room of English Kills, as reviewed [ by Katie Stone ] from a previous installations of the same works, at a different gallery [ Kenny Schachter conTEMPorary ]. The other piece in the front room was a very long felt poncho form of a garment, hanging high from the ceiling, with intricate decorative cuts in the continuous fabric [+.5MP].
The back room consisted of two paintings on one wall, about 5 decks of cards tacked to another wall with some other cardboard and cork patterns stuck together in shapes, desperately clinging to one another in a painfully delicate symphony that I could only take to represent the rooms destitute disposition as a whole.

The back room can only be defined as a three part work bench anchored by a giant rock, belonging to an anally retentive person, who has a strong desire to work on taxidermy, however, is restrained by their own compulsion. The eyeless crow with crossed legs was a strong element [+.5MP]. To quote, “I know I like it because I want to steal it.”


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